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Our products are skin-friendly products. Although we emphasize that customers must wear underwear when trying on, there are still many customers who fail to follow our tips, resulting in some returned products that cannot be resold due to obvious wear marks. Therefore, in order to provide our customers with high-quality and brand-new products, we have formulated a relatively strict return policy, please be sure to check every detail before placing an order. I believe that every pumiey girl will long for her own brand new bodysuit!

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If the return is due to product quality issues, you do not need to bear the return shipping cost and you will receive a full refund. However, we have the right to explain the quality problems. Generally speaking, quality problems include:

1. Obvious color difference. Due to different browser resolutions, there may be some color difference between the product you browse and the actual product, which is unavoidable. You can check our social media accounts to confirm the actual color of the product. We do not accept returns due to color difference unless it is an obvious color difference.

2. Obvious workmanship problems: holes, loose threads, missing or loose buttons. These are considered product quality issues, and we will provide you with free return and refund services.

Please contact us soon if you receive wrong products. You are required to return the unworn clothing in its original condition. And it is free to return.
As we mentioned earlier, in order to provide our customers with the best experience, previously worn products will not be resold. Therefore, if you find that the size is unsuitable after trying on the product and wish to return it, we will deduct the corresponding shipping fee from the refund amount.

1. Free shipping products: In addition to the standard shipping fee (when the product is shipped), we will also deduct $2 to cover the return shipping fee. The refund amount you will receive is the payment amount minus the standard shipping fee minus $2 USD;

2. Non-free shipping products: We will only deduct the shipping fee (when the product is shipped). The refund amount you will receive is the payment amount minus the standard shipping fee.

We are very sorry that the product did not meet your needs. As a result, we have incurred significant after-sales costs and return shipping fees. Therefore, we kindly ask you to carefully review our sizing chart before making a selection to avoid unnecessary resource waste.
Regardless of whether it is free shipping, we will deduct the shipping cost of sending and sending back. For example, if your product is not free shipping, we will refund you the price of the product minus return shipping.
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